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Seth Cohen PR works closely with our artists, managers and labels to develop meaningful campaigns that make a difference.  Here are some comments from people we've worked with over the years:

Robert Hilburn – Los Angeles Times

"I've had the opportunity to work with and observe Seth's dedication to a variety of artists over the years and I've been impressed by his passion, commitment and ability to get results, whether he was working with Bruce Springsteen or a promising newcomer. I had known Bruce for several years before Seth began working with him, so I knew how challenging an assignment it was, but Seth excelled in the role. In a pop world prone to exaggeration and hype, Seth represents his artists with intelligence, warmth and integrity."

Anthony DeCurtis, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

"Seth Cohen is a rare blend -- both a thorough professional and a sensitive, responsive human being. He is clear, honest and helpful, as well as a true lover of music. I've valued every opportunity I've had to work with him, and look forward to many more in the future."

Larry McShane – Associated Press/NY Daily News

"Seth is a true professional and a pleasure to work with, always available and never overbearing, as I’ve learned since I first dealt with him in the early ‘90s (which reminds me - he’s done his job very well for a long time!). His thoroughness and attention to detail is second to none, and he introduced me to Bruce Springsteen - what more can you ask? To this day, an e-mail or phone call from Seth brings a smile and the realization I’m about to hear something worth knowing."

Elysa Gardner – USA Today/NY Times

"Seth is just really smart and always a pleasure to speak (or exchange emails) with. He’s a passionate and eloquent champion of artists, and his roster includes some exceptional ones."

Will Lee - The Fab Faux

"Seth's far-reaching media connections have ensured that a vast, well-targeted press and public are aware of us & our events!"

David Yazbek - Tony Award-Winning Artist

"It's not just that Seth Cohen is smart-- he's deep.  It's the only time in my career that I felt like my P.R. person understood the artist (me), the album he was promoting, and the songs on that album.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that his writing-- from long biographical material to snappy one-sheets-- is the best and most on-the-money I've seen from anyone in his line of work. Add to that a tireless work-ethic and a creative approach to publicity and you've got a very rare individual in this field."

Karrin Allyson - singer/pianist, 5-Time Grammy Nominee 

"I am so pleased and excited with the work that Seth has done on my behalf. I truly have never experienced such dedication, professionalism and passion in this world of publicity in the music business. It really matters that someone is in your corner, and Seth is THE ONE. His contacts, relationships and hard work have really made all the difference. I truly don't know why I waited so long, it's one of the best business decisions I've ever made!!"

Aaron Comess - drummer/composer/producer; Founding member of Spin Doctors

“I cannot say enough good things about Seth. He is the first PR guy I have worked with who totally got what I was trying to achieve.  He did such a great job on my own solo record I suggested the Spin Doctors use him as well. He is doing an amazing job and truly gets what it is both projects need. He writes the best press releases I have ever seen. He knows exactly the right places to approach, has long term relationships with some of the heaviest writers out there, and the experience to back it up. Easily my best experience ever with a PR firm.”

David Pulizzi, Managing Editor, Jazziz Magazine

 “By now I’ve dealt with Seth Cohen on many occasions, and as far I can tell he’s an exceptionally fine and decent man. He also happens to be very good at his business. He’s intelligent, unfailingly polite, never overbearing and always helpful. In fact, he routinely goes out of his way to be helpful. Frankly, were it possible, I'd marry Seth Cohen. Unfortunately neither of us are gay. Still, he's some kind of fabulous.”

Jonathan Stuart, Owner/CEO - Viper Records LTD

“I have worked in all aspects of the music business for 35 years, and I know Seth Cohen to be the ultimate press one is better at this job than he.  Seth is self motivated, gets it very quickly, his coverage is beyond, and it's all done with an energy level and personal responsibility not usual in this field. Because his music experience is not only "press", his advice is always worth listening to, and often followed. Can't imagine a release without Seth in charge of press.” 

Lee Zimmerman - American Songwriter, Blurt, M Music & Musicians, Goldmine

"Having being around this business for awhile, it's become pretty evident to me that there are two kinds of publicity people -- the pros and the pretenders. Seth Cohen definitely belongs in the former category. With Seth, one never has to worry about him not sticking to his word. You can be assured he'll deliver. Likewise, when he says something's got the goods, chances are you're going to agree. In short, Seth Cohen is the kind of guy that you want to work with. Everyone should be so solid."

Rob Bozas - Long Tale Recordings; Dave Taraskevics -Judgeday Management

"We have been working the David Rhodes Bittersweet Album and Tour campaign using Seth Cohen PR. The results have been fantastic. National press and high profile internet exposure have really lifted the profile of David’s album and traffic to our web sites. We love the reporting and the transparency. This is internet age Rock n Roll PR as it should be." 

Rachael Sage - President, MPress Records

"Seth Cohen isn't just a publicist - he's a champion. He is one of the most genuine, hard-working and creative individuals I've had the pleasure to work with in the entertainment business. He has a seemingly endless amount of energy and enthusiasm for spreading the word about the work he's promoting, and his attention to detail is flawless."

Rob Morsberger - Artist

"A couple of key things come to mind regarding Seth Cohen.  The first is trust.
 I absolutely trust Seth to advise me well, to present me in a professional and
 dignified way to the public, with a modicum of restraint and class, and to do so
successfully and effectively.  The second is that, from the beginning, he understood
what was essential about my work, and indeed heard it the way I do.  He 'got' it-
and has very skillfully been imparting that vision to the wide world." 

Taro Alexander, Founder & Director of Our Time 

(Our Time is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of kids who stutter)

"Seth is an absolute joy to work with.  He takes great pride in making sure that he truly understands each person that he works with.  In a world where everything takes place very quickly, Seth gives quality time to listen to his clients and know what they are about and where they are coming from.  In short, Seth rocks!"  


Rich Pagano – The Fab Faux

"Besides having a high level of tact when reaching out to a client, Seth's respect for people and natural friendly demeanor stays with you and is somewhat intoxicating. He makes one rethink how they will connect and react to a business associate...or even a person on the street."

Leni Stern - Artist

“Music is hard to describe in words. Like with a stone that falls into water, only the ripples on the surface tell what happens. It takes a very special skill, a very special person to do that.  Seth Cohen is the one.”

Kurt Deutsch – President, Ghostlight Records

"Seth is meticulous, thoughtful, knowledgeable, kind and trustworthy. I talking about a publicist? I am proud to have him represent my company and artists."

Allegra Klein – Executive Director, Musicians For Harmony

"As someone who has spent many years in the music business, I have worked with at least half a dozen publicists.  Seth Cohen stands out from all the rest: he is effective, yet not overbearing; genuine, not supercilious; knowledgeable, not boastful; persistent, not grating; and truly caring, not insincere.  It is a pleasure to work with Seth.  Not only is he always gracious and professional, he has also raised our organization's visibility to new heights, including getting our concerts reviewed in The New York Times and securing prime coverage and feature articles in other major publications.  These results have, in turn, generated interest and trust among potential funders of our work, leading to at least three new grants in the past year.  I honestly don't know where we would be without him!"

Michael Wolff - Artist

"Seth has always been able to key into what is most important to me as an artist, and to express that to the press.   He is amazingly creative and thorough, a perfect combination of qualities for any endeavor. He has helped to position me and my career in the way that I have desired, and has been able to make the best out of the twists and turns of my artistic nature. Having worked with many publicists over the years, I know that Seth Cohen is an amazing music publicist who can get an artist's vision covered by genre and mainstream press in a manner that most benefits the artist and his or her career."

Laura Hartmann - President, LVanHart Artist Productions

"I have worked with Seth Cohen for several years now.  He's become my 'go to' publicist! We've worked together for several of my clients; I wouldn't trust them to anyone else.  Seth has a unique way of looking at an artist's individual career, and of making sure their story is told the way they want it to be told.  He also has great relationships, and the trust, of the expansive press contacts that he's cultivated throughout his career.  He's the best in the business."

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