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SCPR finds the personal story inside your business.

No cookie-cutter press releases.  No robotic campaigns. We work with you to create the appropriate tone and content to convey your company's journey.



SCPR works with tech companies to create the sort of compelling narratives that often elude typical start-up press campaigns. We work closely with our firms to create PR efforts with a 'storyteller's voice', and then present our collective vision to journalists from coast-to-coast. Our work with health tech and other innovators has resulted in placements ranging from SiriusXM to ComputerWorld to CBS TV to Yahoo News The Philadelphia Inquirer to San Jose Mercury News to Techstination to HealthTechInsider to MobiHealthNews and numerous other outlets. Our media contacts in this arena are expansive, and we are tenacious in our efforts to get start-ups on the radar screens of key writers, editors, producers, freelancers and bloggers.

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We are passionate supporters of entrepreneurs and small business ventures.

Our work with local businesses spans over a decade and includes breakthrough placements in such outlets as The New York Times, Elle Decor, NY Post, NY1-TV News, Wall Street Journal and other key targets. Our business roster is eclectic, ranging from interior design firms to Ad agencies to New York's most popular dog walking service and many others, including individual releases by authors, photographers and more. For local businesses, we work closely with our contacts in regional (and national) media to secure interviews, on-message News items and other placements that raise awareness and drive traffic.

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For over two decades, Seth Cohen's work with non-profits has run the gamut from education to cancer research to music to health services to children's organizations to international Arts initiatives and more. We have secured 'game-changer' coverage for our non-profit clients, from CBS Sunday Morning to The Today Show to Associated Press to NY Times to NY Magazine and on and on. We are passionate, sensitive advocates and partners -- helping, respecting, articulating and supporting in whatever ways we're able.

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Clients often approach Seth Cohen PR for 'One-Off' professional writing efforts. In these instances, SCPR will gather information and draft a thoughtfully written press release as a one-time effort, without the client incurring the cost or commitment of an accompanying PR campaign. These short-term writing projects provide our clients with an articulate, comprehensive and useful tool they can then use at their discretion.

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