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We provide thoughtful, articulate, on-message lifestyle/music PR campaigns; And we are storytellers that make a difference for tech start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, and more.

Proven Results, A-Level Connections, Personalized Public Relations Campaigns

Seth Cohen PR provides transparency, a strong work ethic and classy campaigns for its clients.

Whether you're an established artist looking to re-define your career, an up-and-coming musician hoping to get a foot in the door with A-level journalists, or an indie label aiming to assert yourself as a leader, SCPR has the experience and the intelligence to provide you with a dignified road map.

In addition to SCPR's well-established track record in music/lifestyle press, in our years of work with tech start-ups, small businesses and non-profits, we've secured coverage in atypical outlets that effectively helped these worthy firms/organizations stand out from the crowd. 

We create 'On-Message' campaigns and build meaningful press for our clients. SCPR believes in quality over quantity – we'd rather get a few stories 'right' than dozens of articles that miss the point entirely.

With that in mind, we work in tandem with our clients to create written materials that help articulate their visions, then get the press releases into the hands of America's most important music, entertainment, tech, lifestyle or other genre-specific journalists, in a professional and respectful way.


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